Punch Pong down to the final round.

Its been a hectic time for the Punch Pong team over the past months and the season will soon be coming to an end – but not before the nail biting conclusion.

Visiting every corner of the UK to setup our competition grade ‘pong tables, adjudicating dim lighting conditions and contending with dubious player objections has taken it out of the team who now have a well deserved rest before what is now being dubbed THE BIG (PONG) ONE.

James Coston, follower and one of the organisers of the movement has a full rundown of this years antics to date so do pop over to his Facebook page and enjoy. As has another founder, JJ Goodman, who has a packed FB page full of crazy shit.

If you haven’t made it to one of the heats then feast your eyes on this video that the Liverpoolcocktail Co have pulled together on YouTube.

See you all on the 7th October 2013! x

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